Short Story, My Sexy Valentine Anthology


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Sam and Dell have this deal: romance comes first. Or is it third or fourth? Depends on how many kids are camped out at their house on any given day. With three very popular and outgoing children, finding time to nurture their relationship amidst school lunches, too much laundry, more extracurricular activities than one family should endure, and evening homework supervision can be tricky. But Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and Sam has specific plans for his gorgeous, uber-busy wife. Dell needs to be swept off her feet, and he’s just the guy to do the sweeping.

As for Dell, she’s got some plans of her own. It’s been too long since her sexy husband has done more than kiss her goodnight and dropped off into Snore-land. She understands . . . to a point. Sure, his business is booming and he’s always swamped at the office. Yes, trying to keep their kids in line and on track is a real trial, but Sam takes fatherhood seriously and Dell loves him for it. She also loves him when he’s in Hot-Hubby mode. Enter Valentine’s Day, and a scheme to get her man alone—All Alone—and have her wicked way with him.

Everything hinges on her slightly ditzy mother, LuLu, her willingness to take on her hooligan grandchildren for the weekend . . . and the most blatantly scrumptious lingerie Fredrick’s Of Hollywood has to offer. Dell’s got the credit card out and she’s ready to buy ‘Midnight Decadence’ in a size eight.

Then her mother drops a bombshell—and one of the kids gets the mumps—and bit by bit, Valentine’s Day starts to unravel around their ears.

How hard can it be to stash three kids with an overnight babysitter, slip into something ridiculously skimpy, and do naughty things to each other by candlelight?

Sam and Dell might be finding out pretty soon, and not in the way they’d hoped.